If you are reading this page, you are thinking of buying or already own a yacht! Either way, congratulations!

You can use your yacht privately for 6 and up to 12 weeks per year based on the chosen charter concept. The maximum flexibility in your dates means the higher possible return on investment. Except the privately used weeks, MASMARIN takes care of the charter of your yacht, all related tasks, such as administration, accounting, maintenance and cleaning of the yacht. The yacht is kept ready for departure at all times and is checked at regular intervals by marine technicians. The choice of the right yacht is as important as the choice of the right location to charter. We know our target group and customers very well, so that it is advisable to get detailed advice from us. Your yacht is rented via web pages with multi-language support, internet promotion, advertisement and local & international tour operators with whom we collaborate. In the collaboration, absolute transparency and traceability are our highest precept. You should have unrestricted access to reservations, completed charters, any maintenance work and current charter income at all times.

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